Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kristen Stewart posing for the shots of W Magazine

Kristen Stewart, after farewell to Twilight saga he gave her worldwide fame, posing for W Magazine in shots that make it almost unrecognizable, don't you agree? It is evident that a graph editing trick that really turn it into another person, if I hadn't read the name down I wouldn't have recognized! Is controversy these days about cute little words that she had after the end of filming, unlike the lovely Emma Watson whose tears at the premiere of the latest installment of the Harry Potter series have touched many, even the fans of the series of films.

Inevitable comparisons between its actresses, both young and both linked to two series of films that are entered in the history of film box office.

Inevitable that its actresses have become icons of style for many teenagers, Emma Watson is much more easily fabulous dresses of Couture in more than one occasion have done admiring and commenting, while Kristen Stewart continues to remain true to its Converse or love Vans, even in important occasions!

So see you in these shots for W Magazine does a certain effect and perhaps would say that really the suit shortly, because Stewart has accustomed us to look much less manicured and precious as in this case. In photos wearing designer clothing Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Max Mara and among others, the trick is of course signed Dior!

Obviously we are not accustomed to seeing her souped-up so well, even in his film were really minimal look! What do you think?

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