Monday, October 31, 2011

Kim Kardashian Chanel flap bag with beautiful leather teal


Kim Kardashian was spotted with yet another look exaggerated and excessive, perhaps a little 'biased, I do not like Kim Kardashian and all her sisters, and even I do not like the fur, then that poor Chanel handbag, a look that in the short theory is pretty well in practice but then I do not like! Kim Kardashian Chanel Flap Bag chooses the green leather water, a fashion model pretty and even though this color is a bit 'hard to bear, for us who do not buy a Chanel week does not go very well, better focus on the classics!
The lovely Kim Kardashian Prezzemolina was photographed emerging from a luxury car, wearing a look in all-black fur and long hair, I do not know how many corpses there are on that jacket, but it certainly has not raised Kim never the problem of exotic furs and leather accessories in his karma will be a little 'tried!
Kim Kardashian never leaves home without the big heels and the shoe is almost always the order of the legendary red sole, it chooses the Daffodil Platform Pumps Christian Louboutin high-heeled and a major plateau.
The hand bag Chanel Flap bag is the leather teal, choose a model with this casual but very striking and original shades, might have been better with a less aggressive look, perhaps with pastel shades, in short I will also be prevented, but just Kim can not make it not to do the panterona!

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  1. She has got really good bag but i think she would look even more gorgeous with a miche mini bag. It is another name for fashion and beauty.