Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The mask from sub Marc Jacobs or snow goggles for LeSportsac


Today I propose a duel between weird bags, according to you is the best bag mask from sub Marc Jacobs or snow goggles for LeSportsac? You thought that the bag mask from sub was the top of silly bags? And instead no because to give battle to Marc Jacobs brand LeSportsac thinks that offers us a bag-shaped sunglasses, due to the cold season, I would say that glasses are to go on the snow! I adore both but looking at the price I think I prefer the LeSportsac bag!

Weird bags are one of the passions of us, I love to see what stylists, famous and not, they are able to invent to try to impress and be original!

These bags are strange and certainly does not go well to go to work or for a romantic dinner but I adore, I can't do anything about it! The bag-shaped mask sub we've seen together, part of the autumn-winter 2011 2012 of Marc by Marc Jacobs, is realized in leather and is available in both yellow and Fuchsia. The price is $ 298.00.

The LeSportsac designer handbag is made of nylon and is more a case for glasses, but shaped sunglasses, is printed inside a model of sunglasses and black with white crystals on the sides of the frame. Also this bag presents the closure with zipper and handle wristwatches. The price is only $ 25.00!

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